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Customer Testimonials


We wholeheartedly recommend Oster Services. We went through an extensive home renovation on our Rocky River home and we actually lived in the house during it all. We love their approach. They are transparent and customer-focused. Anything was possible and we found that they are creative in ways to minimize our costs by finding alternate solutions to our needs/wants. Communication and availability are strong points. All of their team members were a pleasure to deal with - they treated our home as a home, and not just a work site. I could go on with compliments.

Joe & Rory

We live in Bay Village, and are having a fairly major renovation of a 90+ year old house. This is our fourth home, and have a fair amount of experience dealing with contractors, and not all of these have ended as hoped or expected. We started our project last fall, and I was concerned mainly about three things, time, quality, and budget.

It would be difficult to say that Oster missed any of these marks. I really enjoyed their straightforward approach as you mentioned. The project was started and will be completed on time as promised (May 18). Our previous home sold, and we needed to get into this house slightly quicker than we had anticipated. Three weeks ago I felt as though we were a long way from the finish line, and wouldn't have bet a dollar on completion on time. Oster pulled together their team, and made the timeline speed up to accommodate us. At one point I counted 17 trucks on site on a single day, they have the resources to "Make it rain" if necessary.

The quality of their work and their staff are top notch, as we walk the house almost nightly the craftsmanship is readily seen. One thing that I didn't expect was the thoughtfulness put into the process. Jess and his team have made suggestions, never pressuring us, that he/they felt might improve the final outcome. I can't stress enough how almost all of these suggestions ended up being the exact best call to get the end result we were looking for, a home that we would love, and be very proud of.

I mentioned that budget was something that I was concerned with, as "scope creep" has come up in several previous home renovations for us. The Oster team had regular budget meetings with us, and always kept us informed of where we stood with our budget. Again, they did an outstanding job here.

In summary, I would be hard pressed to find something to be disappointed with regarding Oster Services. My overriding memory regarding them is Jess walking my project quietly, making observations about thing we may want to consider. His uncanny ability to see a way to make the end result better was nothing short of amazing! I am a small business owner, and feel that I am fairly good at analyzing businesses, in the home renovations arena I cannot imagine a better choice than Oster.

Marc Dallas

General Manager The Cleveland Yachting Club

Oster Services renovated our clubhouse which commenced in January 2017 and completed in May 2017. Jess and Alexis and their team did an amazing job of transforming all of our member spaces that include lobby, bars, lounge, dining areas, and restrooms in a “timeless fashion”. We gave Oster a strict timeline for start and an end date and took what should have been an 8 month project and finished it in 5 short months all while keeping us on budget. They were very flexible with allowing us to keep our membership satisfied by using various areas of the Clubhouse during construction. We still continue to receive a lot of praise from our membership.

Oster is a design/build operation that provides everything you would need in your renovation. Their carpentry work is far superior then other companies that were a part of our bidding process. Jess will not settle for anything less than perfection from his team, he truly pushed the limits on what we all thought was the impossible and made it happen. Jess and Alexis were onsite daily overseeing the project to completion and communicated daily keeping us up to date. Alexis did a fantastic job on recommendations on interior design from window treatments, bathroom décor and furniture and really transformed each space if you are in need of that aspect. They also worked with a local architect that they have a great relationship with for several projects through the renovation and as I mentioned they achieved a lot of things that we thought were impossible due to our existing structure.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Oster Services for your new home. Please do not hesitate to email or call me with any questions.